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Every kitchen should be well stocked with at least the basics and a few specialty items just for fun. Here is my list of Tools of the Trade for the home chef. I have provided a link to purchase through Amazon so you can have a well-stocked and hard-working kitchen

Stainless Measuring spoons – Round are easier to handle than square or rectangular. They fit inside containers nicely. Large or small.

Pyrex Measuring cups – These are the absolute best because they are easy to handle, easy to read, and are dishwasher safe. The letters and lines will NOT come off in the dishwasher.

Glass Mixing bowls – This set includes 10 bowls! I have this exact set and I love each and every bowl.

Standard Muffin tin (12 count)

Mini Muffin tin (24 count)

Dutch Oven (Enameled)

Pots and Pans (a non-stick set) – Easy to cook and easy to clean!

Jelly Roll Pans (12 x 17 inch) the slightly raised edges help prevent spills.

Glass Bakeware (set of 2) For all-purpose baking.

Metal Baking Dish – Great for baking cakes, bars, and brownies.

Stone Baking Dish – Great for all-purposing. Be sure to cool completely before cleaning to avoid cracking though.

Bamboo Kitchen Utensils (6 piece set)

Wire Racks – Best for cooling baked goods.

Digital Thermometer

Food Processor – We got one of these babies as a wedding present and it has made baby food for three boys and helped me tremendously in the kitchen. A hero of the kitchen!

Peeler – Not everyone uses peelers but I love them!

Whisks (3 set piece)

Wooden Cutting Boards

Plastic Cutting Board

*I have used both wooden and plastic cutting boards and I LOVE them both! Right now I am using a plastic one. It does seem to have lasted longer than all of my previous wooden ones….*

Can Opener – A classic kitchen need

Strainer – This stainless strainer has been much better to me than the plastic ones I have used before.

Crock Pot aka Slow Cooker

Knife Block Set – I think spending around this price range is the acceptable amount for an at-home-chef

Rolling Pin – the French tapered style is what I prefer.

Stand Mixer – LOVE LOVE LOVE! I can’t say it enough.

Ramekins (Set of 6)

Cast Iron Skillet – what kind of country girl would I be without a cast iron skillet, I have more than a few actually.

Bread Pan – metal is best in my opinion.

Pyrex Pie Plate – Glass is always good for pie.

Jars – These neat little jars come with a spoon

Bundt Pan

Kitchen Torch – for those times you just need to brulee something.

Microplaner (aka zester)


Cup Sifter or Bowl Mesh Sifter