I am a good-ole Texas girl and my life revolves around my family, our homeschool, our country home and of course good food and plenty of it! I hope ya’ll enjoy the food adventures with me and my family.

This blog is all about food and the books that inspire me. I started cooking with my Mom while in high school and my love for all things food and cooking was born. I have a mass collection of cookbooks, the older the better, that I thumb through on a daily basis. Whenever I see something that catches my eye I like to make it twice; once, exactly as written. The second time I like to tweak it and add my own flourish of flavor and/or technique. The second version is the one that I publish and share with my fantastic readers. When applicable I like to lighten up the original and make it healthier.

I started this blog because I found myself filling up small notebooks, like THESE, for friends and family. I give them away as presents for birthdays or holidays. I make each book personal to the recipient and leave the majority of the book blank so they can fill in their own recipes. Usually 30-40 recipes in each book. They are always well received and my husband asks me to make them often. Since I have made at least 10 of these little books within the past year it made me stop and realize that people love my cooking, they love my recipes, and they love my food. So why not share my love of cooking and food with the world?!

I have a following in real-life so I wanted to commute that success to the online world of food-blogging! I have a deep-rooted passion for food and cooking. It really is the center of life. With great food comes great memories. My boys will grow up with fond, and yummy, memories of helping me in the kitchen and enjoying great food. So, my food matters because it is the food that I feed my family.

About me specifically, I am a stay-at-home-Mom to three wonderfully crazy boys. I am a wife to a hard working husband and we live in a small town in the Texas panhandle, not too far from Amarillo. We live 20 miles from town on a 10-acre ranch with our little egg factories – aka our chickens! Our closest neighbor is at least 2 miles away and that’s just how we like it. We like the quiet simplicity that comes with country life. We are also a homeschool family! Am I crazy? Yes, a little, but I know I can teach my children and I have a wonderful support system. They are eager little learners and I enjoy having this time with them.

As I stated before I started cooking with my Mom while I was in high school. After a few kitchen lessons from my Mom, the master, I was cooking dinner for my best friend and her family. They all raved about the food and practically licked the bowls. I was hooked on the high of seeing people enjoy my food so deeply and with such conviction. When I graduated high school and moved on to college I did not follow my first dream of food but instead went on to follow my artistic side of interior design and architecture. I did research culinary school but it was so outrageously expensive that I took one look and pushed that idea aside. Everything I know is from reading, TV, online, and other people. Maybe one day I can go.

My life is about more than just food, though. I also have a passion for interior design. I studied Interior Design and Architecture at Texas Tech University and then at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Needless to say, it was a big part of my life for a long time. Then I got married and had a family and, besides food, my other passion is homeschooling. Since I have so many thoughts constantly running through my head I want to share tidbits from all of it here and there. Mostly food but the occasional design or homeschool related post might be thrown in there. My life has many aspects and I want to share them all with you.

I encourage everyone who stops by this little page to explore the blog in its entirety and comment on what you like and maybe what you didn’t like so much. I am open to feedback and I want to hear from you, my loyal readers! I also post regularly to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I am always pinning new content on Pinterest.

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Thanks for reading!