Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean dinner and roses. Let’s skip the long wait times and the pricey flowers (that will die anyway) and opt for a nice evening in with our loved one. Here are 25 ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Going out to a fancy dinner is fun and flowers are a timeless gift but on this day of love I want to avoid these two things at any cost. Wait times are too long and roses are too expensive.

So, let’s stay in!

I have quickly compiled a list of some of our favorite Valentine’s night activities. Some are family friendly but others are just for the two love birds.

      1. Make it a game night! Who doesn’t love games? And I’m talking board games here, video games are fun but board games are just classic fun. Board games are how The Hubster and I got to know each other. We spent many Saturday nights just sitting up until 3 AM playing The Game of Life or Jenga. Ah, memories. If you want to spice up game night for the two of you try this game: Dirty Minds. You are given dirty, dirty, dirty clues to not-so-dirty objects. It’s a hoot and we always end up just reading the clues to each other and not keeping score. 

2. Make a dinner together at home. We do dinner as a family and this year we are making personal pizzas in heart shapes. It’s so easy. Just use the refrigerated dough and a cookie cutter to make the heart shape then top with whatever you want. It’s a great way to involve the entire family. A special dessert is always good too, I like to make a layered chocolate cake. I’m thinking raspberry dark chocolate this year. 

3. Movie night. The Hubster likes anything with explosions and I like ones that make me think. We usually end up watching two movies on this special lovey-dovey night (sometimes spread out over the weekend). It’s extra special snuggle time. 

4. Star gazing. When I say star gazing I mean drive way, way, way out. So far out that there is hardly a street light on the corner. You will see the sky like you never have before. This is where we live, 20-miles from a small town and it really makes you stop and see how small we are. This is perfectly romantic for two but also a great family activity.

5. Smores by the fire (outside is best). There is just something so uber romantic about curling up under a fleece blanket and making smores together that it just makes my heart melt. We love doing this whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not – good memories for our little family.

6. Go through photos, keepsakes, or a memory box. When The Hubster and I got married one of our wedding presents was a handcrafted box that they had painted and written memory box on the cover. It still smells like fresh paint almost 7 years later. It is bursting with memories that we have made together. It is so fun to sprawl out on the floor and just reminisce. Our boys love seeing their baby pictures and other sweet goodies.

7. Puzzles. This one is more for my oldest, Bubba. He would sit and do puzzles all day if we didn’t make him get up and do something else every now and then. We gladly do them all together because one us loves them. It’s such an uplifting feeling to finish a big puzzle too.

8. Write a bucket list. By writing bucket lists you can really learn about your loved one. It can tell a lot about the person. You could do one together as a couple or each make your own and talk to each other about them.

9. Get Creative. Do you have a project that you have had sitting in the back of your mind? Do it together! We are probably the odd ones out but we like going through closets, rooms, cupboards, sheds, or barns and just purging them, then organizing them. It’s just something we like to do together. We will send our boys to their Nana & Gump’s and get to work. It helps us to feel lighter. What do you like to do that is outside the box or odd?

10. Design your dream home. Surely, we are not the only ones that are constantly dreaming of our perfect home? Why not create a Pinterest board together or walk around a home improvement store, maybe even visit a furniture showroom and just dream. We also like to do rough sketches of our ideas and pin them up.

11. Have an indoor picnic. Extra points if you use a real basket and sit on a checkered red and white blanket.

12. Ice cream sundae bar. Set out all the toppings and go to town! So kid friendly.

13. Make a painting together. This one is just for Mommy & Daddy! I’m not talking about a glass of wine and some canvas. Get a large sheet, cover you and your loved one with paint and go crazy. This takes body art to a new level.

14. Whip cream fight. Surprise your loved one and/or kids with a handful of whip cream to the face when they least suspect it. We’ve done this and it was a big hit – so fun!

15. Make a calendar. Take cheesy pictures for each month and make your own calendar. You can have them printed easily online or even at Walmart. This is so much fun with kids, who doesn’t love dressing up and being goofy.

16. Dance. Grab your sweetie and get movin! Move the furniture and just dance.

17. YouTube funny movies. We love to sit together and just watch silly short videos together. Laughing really brings us together.

18. Play cards. Any games that you like to play or learn new card games from the internet.

19. Build a fort together. Recreate that feeling of being a child. Gather all the blankets you can and maybe hang some fairy lights inside. Make it magical.

20. Make a meal inspired by another culture. Italian is a go to date night meal but maybe try French, Japanese Sushi, or Spanish. Try to get out of your comfort zone a bit.

21. Let your kids plan the perfect night for you. Let them plan the food (ordering out is totally acceptable in my opinion), the decorations, and all the details. Let them be in charge and you might be surprised.

22. Play the Not-so-Newly-Wed-Game or The-Newly-Wed-Game depending on where you are in your relationship. Check out Pinterest for more information.

23. Exchange massages. Use those fancy oils or lotions and really get in there. You both work hard so why not relax – with each other.

24. Sharpie mugs for each other. These are super simple and can be so unique. If you’re not into mugs than you can design plates or bowls. Check out Pinterest for some great inspiration and how-to get this project done.

25. Hot cocoa bar. Find some fancy hot cocoa and put out all the stops. My boys love hot chocolate, who doesn’t, so this is perfect as a family treat.

When it comes to Valentine’s day I say – keep it simple. Just BE with the one you love. Just BE in the moment. And savor every second of it.

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