Crock-Pot: The Original Slow Cook
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Crock-pots can be a thing of magical beauty. Let tasty ingredients simmer all day and come home to a house filled with intoxicating aromas and hot-and-ready food. This month’s featured cookbook (February 2017) is a Crock-pot (aka slow cooker) special. 

Overall, the recipes in this cookbook are what I would expect from a Crock-Pot book: soups, roast, a few chili recipes. Then there are the ones that throw me for a loop; sandwiches, crisps, chocolate cakes, dumplings and a few pasta recipes.

Food aside, the beginning of the book has basic information for the Crock-Pot newbie. Any question you could have can be answered there. There are even special techniques for such things as fish, pasta, or rice. I’m telling you – you can make anything in a good ole’ reliable Crock-Pot.

Of course, cookbooks can’t be 100% positive and amazing (or can they and I just haven’t found one yet…?). I have discovered while testing some recipes, that they tend to be underseasoned. If you utilize this cookbook I would recommend checking for seasoning before serving. Like this Turkey Chili that I made and jazzed up.

In all, I enjoyed this book and I look forward to cooking more from it, especially the desserts. I’ve never been very successful for desserts in my slow cooker in the past so I’m excited to try again.

If you have this book, or just love your Crock-Pot, then let me know what you think! Do you have a favorite recipe? Are you a veteran or a noob? 

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