Wallpaper is an underutilized tool that has the power to completely transform a space. There are unlimited patterns, textures, and color palettes so let’s dive into 10 inspiring spaces that have harnessed the power of the wallpaper. 

Wallpaper can be intimidating, am I right? There are so many options and if you opt to do-it-yourself then you have to worry about getting the strips straight, using enough wallpaper paste, and matching up the images from strip to strip.

Stressful, right? Well, when the job is completed by a professional the end result can be completely breathtaking and worth the hassle. Here are 10 of best uses of wallpaper that really bring the room to the next level.

  1.  This minimal wallpaper is a gentle accent wall for the timeless aurora of the room. The silver glimmer ties the other accessories together well. It’s a mellow metallic touch. If wallpaper intimates you then something along this line would be a great jumping off point.
2013 Luxury Home-Inver Grove Heights
2. Geometric print is a bold move but when it’s paired with a room that has a midcentury setup, it can be pulled off nicely. The color works well as an accent wall and the shape on the paper compliments the shapes within the room. Lots of squares and rectangles.
Highland Park Mid Century Remodel
3. This particular wallpaper reminds me of recorded sounds, like when you see the recording being played back and the lines move with the sound. Am I being crazy? Do you see it too? I like the effect it has, a very modern approach.
Interior design project in Long Beach. Project by www.trebornevets.com
4. A little hidey-hole of bright wallpaper makes this potentially dark corner very happy and engaging for the eye. Placing wallpaper in unexpected places is always exciting. I love the color palette of it all too.
German Shades
5. All wallpaper doesn’t have to have big bright colors to be attractive. This wallpaper would be overwhelming if it covered all the walls but being placed on one wall it keeps the space in balance.
Cape Cod Charm
6. Such a pretty girl’s room, right? The combination of blue and pink is very well done. The accented wall that has the unique pattern on it keeps the room from being overwhelmed by blue. It gives the eye an break from the solid bright blue.
Studio City
7. One dark wall can be beautiful anywhere – even a baby’s nursery. These little spots of light make the space feel whimsical and serene. I just love it! I wish I had that rocking chair when my boys were babies, that is a pretty fantastic chair (sorry, off topic).
Galaxy Gazer Nursery
8. Wallpaper doesn’t have to take up an entire wall. This piece is nicely framed around the bed (the bike is a nice touch also). With the red on either side, it balances nicely and adds some color to a bedroom that could easily suffer from lack of color otherwise. Imagine if the wallpaper with the text took up the whole wall. It would overtake the wall and feel very black and white.
Annapolis Plan at Victoria | Phoenix, AZ
9. A cityscape wallpaper is a very bold move but I can appreciate it. The entire living space feels very modern; lots f glass, bold bright colors, unique lighting. This wallpaper is a great technique for bringing a wonderful view of the big city into a space that may not have a stellar view.
Manish Jain
10. I love that they incorporated an optical illusion into a wallpaper. It creates a kind of trippy effect, right? It makes this small bedroom feel like it’s larger than it really it – there’s where the optical illusion comes in handy.
Shades of blue

What was your favorite wallpaper?

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