Compact kitchens can exhibit a charm so unique and beautiful that it rivals the grandiose masterpieces in mansions. These are my top 10 favorite compact kitchens.


If you’ve read my About Me page you will know that I studied interior design and architecture in college and it is still very much a passion of mine. You can still find me today with my nose buried in a design/decorating magazine or book when I have a few seconds of peace. It gets my blood pumping to see all the possibilities. My brain floods with ideas and I feel the passion for my craft soaring high.

My kitchen is the heart and soul of my home, even though it’s on the small side. There are so many inspiring compact kitchens out there that I picked out my top 10 favorite to share with you. So, let’s see happening!

Квартира в серых тонах / gray apartment
1. This compact kitchen drew me in because of the dark cabinetry. Working with dark cabinets can be tricky. There needs to be a good balance of natural light and dark and this kitchen has mastered it. A nice added touch is the red pendent light and the chalkboard accent wall.
2. This galley kitchen is bursting with natural light and that equals lots of big plus signs in my book. The open shelving gives the slim space the illusion of being more open, aka, there’s no door face to stop your eye from traveling. I can appreciate that they added an eating area where there might not be space otherwise. The table appears as a natural extension of the counter top.
Fulham Traditional Kitchen
3. Every kitchen needs a statement piece and this vintage-inspired icebox is a definite conversation starter. I also like that they used both traditional upper cabinets and open shelving. It allows the small space to feel more open. That lower cabinet color is the perfect compliment to the bright red fridge.
A place to cook
4. When the sun is sunny and the weather is too good to miss by being cooped up in the kitchen, this compact model is ideal. Everything you need at the tip of your fingers. And that vintage-inspired stove is so gorgeous! What I wouldn’t do for a stove like that. The air is kept light with timeless subway tile and a butcher block counter top.
Квартира для дамы
5. Compact kitchens have huge possibilities for individuality – like this backsplash for example. The transition from the sage green cabinets to the tile backsplash and ending on the upper cabinets is flawless. The tile is the ideal vehicle for an easy transition on the eye. Lots of natural light works wonders on these compact kitchens.
Total Renovation - Intown Atlanta
6. When it comes to compact kitchens, minimalism can be the key to not being overrun by visual clutter or inadvertently creating a cave-like atmostphere. By opting for open shelving (I’m sensing a theme here) in place of upper cabinetry this kitchen remains airy. The clutter is kept to a minimum with only necessities left in plain sight. Along with a attractive houseplant and a few choice pieces of art. Beautifully done and perfectly balanced.
Berlin Private Kitchen
7. The bare minimum can be so tantalizing, it’s like a small apartment in Paris. Perfect to get the job done with no extra frills or fluff. A place to prepare a simple meal and a seat to enjoy said meal. That’s all we really need, right? The simple pine floors add an extra umph to this bare minimum approach. Simplicity and compact design go hand and hand.
Проект квартиры
8. Clean modern design is divided by splotches of bright color, it catches the eye. Feel your eye start there, on the backsplash, then travel across the smooth surfaces all around it. It quite the textural experience for your mind. I’m usually not drawn to modern looks like this but this, THIS, is brilliant. What do you think?
New York Residence
9. This is a shining example that one color scheme can be used to varying degrees throughout the whole space. Silver, blue, gray, and white. Very clean, elegant, classy and just plain beautiful. It is balanced perfectly and not one color from the palette is over used. Did you see that sink? (jaw drop! In love!)
Апартаменты Пресненский вал
10. My final choice is unique because of the sink. They were low on counter space so they opted for a round sink. This takes up less space and looks gorgeous. I also appreciate that even though space was limited they went with the hood. You can always make room for something you really want or love (I’m still hunting for the perfect venting hood for my kitchen).

Which compact kitchen was your favorite?

I have so many more things that I love and I look forward to sharing them with everyone as my blog grows. I am filled with random facts, handy tricks, and useless (but fun) design knowledge.

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