Do you know what today is? National Gourmet Coffee Day. All the more reason to indulge in those coffee infused treats and tidbits. Here are my top 5 favorite food & drink recipes with coffee as the shining star.

1. Double Mocha Muffins – Jessalyn Barker @ HoneyandSpiced

When I stumbled across this recipe it took my breath away. Almost immediately. The muffins look like pure chocolate-coffee decadence. You really need to head over to her cute foodie blog and check them out for yourself. There is another aspect of these coffee-loaded muffins that I can appreciate; they are made with healthy ingredients like, coconut flour, actual coffee grounds, and instead of the plain sugar there is a heaping dose of real honey.

This is worth checking out for sure.

2. Tahini Espresso Smoothie Bowl – Erin @ TheAlmondEater

Smoothie bowls are so crazy popular right now. So, what is a smoothie bowl, anyway? They are like dense smoothies that you can pile on the toppings and eat with a spoon. I am really diggin’ on this version because I have so many ideas of toppings; all kinds of fruit, pomegranate seeds, caramel, chocolate, nuts, seeds so many yummy toppings.

3. Tiramisu Angel Food – Serena @ SerenaBakesSimplyFromScratch

If you are a coffee lover then I’m willing to bet that you are a tiramisu fan. The classic version is surrounded with lady fingers but Serena, instead, used Angel Food Cake that she infused with a liquor infused espresso. With layers of Mascarpone and pretty little chocolate curls, this cake is guaranteed to be fan-freakin-tastic.

I also like that she did step-by-step photos to show her process. I’ve tried to do this but it just never works out. I do enjoy them, though.

4. Maple Treats (Coffee Cookies) – Hannah @ BitterSweetBlog

Kinda salty and kinda sweet these cookies had no choice but to be on my Top 5 Coffee recipe round-up. It’s like a grown up snickerdoodle cookie – and I am in love. They look like they have the perfect combination of chewy and crispy. I can totally see myself dipping one of these beauties (if not more) into a hot cup of joe on a cold morning. Now, that’s the way to start any day, who could be grumpy after a treat like that?

No one, I daresay.

5. Mexican Mocha – LifeCurrents

What kind of list would this be without at least one rich and decadent cup of hot chocolate? This specific recipe takes the standard hot chocolate recipe and kicks it up a notch – with a big slosh of coffee thrown in the mix. I have never actually thought to combine hot chocolate and coffee – what is wrong with me? These two drinks were destined for each other so I can’t wait to try this. Try it with me, okay?

Which is your favorite?



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